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01 Nov 2017 @ 16:12

truly amazing she .... accurate about... details..helpful.

- Carolina

01 Nov 2017 @ 15:18

she is the best .. was accurate ,she very kind . God bless you sister . will back again with good news soon. love you sister. god bless you

- Carolina

31 Oct 2017 @ 15:15

True angle

- Carolina

31 Oct 2017 @ 15:14

she Great ... very accurate about my relationship ... thanks sister... hope predict happen soon ... will keep it touch ...thanks and god bless

- Carolina

28 Oct 2017 @ 12:38

she is one of the best angel on earth.her each n every words true.she truly amazing..god bless her....thank u so much..

- Shaziya H Kagzi

25 Oct 2017 @ 22:38

A few months ago my husband and I split up. It has been very tough as a single mom with a newborn. I been trying to get my family back together since. When I have a worry/concern I fall on this app to clear my questions and troubles. She has been spot on so far with my situation. I feel comfortable with her and I trust what she says. Just waiting on the final outcome of my situation. Thank you so much you're amazing! I truly appreciate you and your abilities.

- Bianca

23 Oct 2017 @ 21:59

thank you for the reading jennifer you were spot on for sure hoping the predictions come true.

- Raquel

23 Oct 2017 @ 12:05

So after struggling with mixed reviews from my psychics I thought Ill talk to her and yes people.. all thats being said by her has come to pass.. I met him.. we did speak and wat she said he will say abt the relationship is similar wat he mentioned. I am happy today and I know one thing we meet people for a reason and we need a direction to move forward and these people are the ones who are a guiding spirit in disguise... I dont know her.. she doesnt know me... but how is that she picked up came to pass... well not only I belived the postive sides she said she did mention abt the tough phases as well which I am sure with her guidance and positive thinking I will over come. I am glad and greatful having met Jennifer... and hoping rather now sure... that yes.. my life has got a new direction.. a new guidance... all we neee to do is... keep faith... and follow the path... the journey will be smooth and the destinations will be amazing! t Thanks Jennifer....!!!

- Abhidnya

23 Oct 2017 @ 02:00

Lover her! Very quick to respond. Always gave me peace of mind talking to her.

- Kk

19 Oct 2017 @ 22:43

Jennifer is very friendly and she is very detail I'm still waiting on what she told me and I'll write more reviews but so far she is awesome.

- Marsha

05 Oct 2017 @ 04:48

I had a text reading a couple if months ago with her. I wanted to know about my boyfriend who I feel was being unfaithful. She told me in September I will meet a man and I will have to make a choice. Well I met a man about three weeks ago while separated from my boyfriend. Now my ex is back in the picture now I'm ready to make a choice.

- Constance

03 Oct 2017 @ 07:33

She is caring,again picked up on things that put my mind@ease rather than sitting here wondering if its true or not.Gave advice which has been in my mind.I feel like shes holding my hand thru these most difficult times of my life!! Thank you!

- Dee

01 Oct 2017 @ 23:52

I thought her prediction wasn't gonna come true because he didn't contact me on the day she said he would, but he contacted me the first day of October (today), and she said contact would get better. So far, it's getting a little better. I'm glad I spent money on her!!!!

- Michele

28 Sep 2017 @ 16:54

Very detailed,Picked up on everything.Truly gifted am happy i came to her for a reading.Highly recommend her as she tells it like it is.Thank you

- Dee

19 Sep 2017 @ 16:03

She gave me a quick response, she is really good! I love this psychic!!!!

- Michele

19 Sep 2017 @ 15:57

I really like what she wrote. She was very detailed, lots of details, and she touched on things I haven't even asked and things I have asked for. She was accurate, honesty. I can't wait for her prediction to come to pass!

- Michele

18 Sep 2017 @ 09:55

Quick response, accurate predictions. Thank you!!!

- Ria Magueflor

15 Sep 2017 @ 23:17

It has been nice chatting with you. You do not sugar coat and always provide honest insights! Recommended to all!

- Angel Dios

15 Sep 2017 @ 19:47

Great reading! She's always been accurate since I started talking to her. She never sugarcoats. All of her predictions have been spot on.

- Melanie

27 Jun 2017 @ 18:46

thanks for your support and guidance because I've been feeling frightened since Sat and sun x

- Kim Owen

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